Window at St Peter’s Church, Kinglake 2015

Client: Whittlesea- Kinglake Parish of the Anglican Church.

The window at StPeter’s church was the first project to be completed in my role as official artist for the Whittlesea- Kinglake Parish. The original St Peter’s church was built as a memorial church to 13 first world war soldiers from the area, but was then destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires. The congregation wanted a window which carried the key religious and commemorative messages for the building. I suggested that we re-glaze the clear glass panels in the cross of the north window with a colourful design. The design pictured consists of both stained glass tiles and printed elements which were laminated onto a clear glass base. The design presents the Holy Trinity and the symbol for St peter on the vertical arms of the cross and thirteen poppies to represent the fallen soldiers on the horizontal arms. The project has underlined for me the importance of including message carrying windows in places of worship.