Baptismal Font for St Peter’s Church, Kinglake

Client: St Peter's Anglican Church Kinglake

The new St Peter’s Church at Kinglake was consecrated by the Archbishop of Melbourne, Rev Philip Freier on Sunday March 16, 2014. It replaced the old St Peter’s, which had been destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires.  I had been asked by the Vicar Rev Stephen Holmes to produce and donate a glass bowl and cover for the Baptismal Font for the new church. The glass was set into a wooden stand made by Kinglake woodworker, Gary Cornelias, out of Blackwood which had been salvaged from the site of the old church. A brass handle for the cover will be cast later out of metal salvaged from the ruins of the old church. Both pieces of glass were fused and then slumped. The cover bears a Jerusalem Cross in which the smaller crosses can represent the spread of the Gospels to the four corners of the earth. The five crosses are sometimes taken to represent the five wounds of Christ. The consecration of the church represented another important step in the recovery of the community from the Black Saturday bushfires.